in Blog by Carl H. Martens

As I write from my iPhone, I’m sitting on a chartered bus enroute from Davenport, Iowa to Glenwood, Iowa where we will set camp for the night. Glenwood is the starting city for RAGBRAI 2011.  Our bikes were loaded up last night and should be waiting for us in Glenwood upon arrival. I’m amazed at how many volunteers there are and the excellent coordination by our sag service Out of Staters as well as everyone else that has helped plan this year’s RAIGBRAI. Everything has been great so far.

Last night we stayed in at a hotel. A storm came through around 11:30 last night which knocked out the power at our hotel. As of this morning, it had not yet been restored. I mention this because without power there was no wifi and without wifi, I was unable to download movies to my phone for the bus ride today. That’s what I get for waiting until the last minute. Luckily, I had Season 1 of Eastbound & Down on my iPhone…love that show.

As we left this morning, I thought I’d be a Southern Gentleman to those riding on the bus with me today so I forced making a deposit before leaving the hotel. Unbeknownst to me, the last person (my dad) out of the hotel room didn’t make sure the door closed all the way. There I sat on the thrown in a room without electricity with the door wide open. It made for great conversation with one individual who decided to see if there were any treasures we had left behind in our room…nope, just me half naked…a decent treasure I suppose. Two more people stuck there heads in and I made the mistake conversing with a lady who decided she couldn’t hear me very well and decided to come close. Mistake. I just told everyone that my dad was a jokester. So, not even day one and it’s already been shits and giggles…no pun intended.

Fast forward to the bus ride. The left ear of the guy siting beside me must be bigger than his right. Each time he…

Just stopped for a 30min lunch. 32oz. Of Budweiser and some Jack Links Peppered beef jerkey later…

Falls asleep he leans to the left and is almost resting his head on my shoulders. It’s kind of cute. I want to take a pic, but I’m afraid I’ll get caught.

It was raining earlier, but it has cleared up…thank you Jesus. I would have bitched the whole way. Yes, it is true, rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey and whiskey makes girls frisky, but it’s not desired when cycling across the state of Iowa.

Back on the bus…I don’t feel like writing much more. I’m going to check the balanced weight distribution of my ears now.