Latest and Greatest from Hydrapak

in Backpacking & Camping, Cycling by Carl H. Martens

I received an email from Dax with the following latest and greatest items from Hydrapak.  Check it out!

Hydrapak Morro

The Hydrapak Morro Pro-Series pack features the highest quality materials and construction coupled with a design philosophy that caters to the most discerning adventurers. While large enough to work as an all-day cycling pack at 800 cu. in., the lightweight rip-stop with new Pinnacle Ventilation System back panel technology makes this pack comfortable enough to be worn on every hike or ride. The Morro features the revolutionary 100oz Reversible II Reservoir with the new Surge Valve and Magnetic Quantum Clip. 

Price $109.99 

HydraPak Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System Review

HydraPak Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System Review

in Cycling by Carl H. Martens

If you are familiar with the traditional hydration reservoir like the bladder found inside of a CamelBak you are well aware of one major problem, the inability to easily clean the bladder. After a ride a year ago or so I said the following to my girlfriend, “it’d be great if there was a bladder that sealed like a Ziploc so it’d be easier to clean.” My thought was that if the opening at the top was larger it would be easy to clean the inside of the unit without using the “hanger” or “freezer” method and eliminate the need for something like the ZeroGoo unit that we previously reviewed.

hydrapak-reversible-reservoir-ii-hydration-systemHydraPak took my simple idea and made it far better with their Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System. We first became acquainted with this reservoir hydration system when we tested the Dakine AMP backpack, however the reservoir was first introduced in 2008. We quickly stopped using any other reservoir we had on hand.

The Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System features a 36″ Drink Tube, 90deg. Bite Valve, Quickdraw Tube Attachment, Plug-N-Play Connector, and Straight Bite Valve Base.

We loved everything about the HydraPak Reversible Reservoir II Hydration System

hydrapak-slide-and-sealThe reservoir itself is ingenious. The opening of the reservoir folds over itself and is secured in place by the easy on, easy off, Slide Seal, a sliding plastic clip which slides across the top of the reservoir. Think of the bladder as a Ziploc bag that gets folded over itself and then you slide the white little plastic piece across the top…it is very similar. When it is time to clean the bladder you simply slide the plastic clip off, unfold the reservoir, reach inside and turn it inside out. Amazing!