Frogg Toggs Pilot Guide Jacket Review

Frogg Toggs Pilot Guide Jacket Review

in Fishing & Hunting by Nick Roberts

A lot of the best fly fishing takes place on overcast and rainy days, which is why having a good wading jacket is essential to having a great day on the water. With the recent storms moving up the coast, there has never been a better time to replace that old heavy raincoat with a lightweight, highly versatile waterproof jacket, like the Pilot Guide Wading Jacket I’ve been checking out from Frogg Toggs. This jacket would be at home on a mountain creek or out on the flats during a blustery day in the fall. The Pilot Jacket retails for about $150 yet it is definitely comparable to wading jackets that cost twice as much. Frogg Toggs has come up with their own waterproof and breathable material and they put it to use well here, as laid out on their website, “This unique (waterproof) technology is constructed with a patented process of three layers of a nonwoven polypropylene material with a center layer of micro-porous film. Because the pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, moisture cannot penetrate yet it breathes extremely well.” 

Sunday Spent Fishing on the Mighty Fox

in Blog by Carl H. Martens

Today was absolutely beautiful here in the tri-cities.  I spent the day fishing with my buddy Chris on the Fox River in St. Charles, IL south of main street and the dam.  We had no luck.  Nonetheless, we had a great time relaxing and marveling at the beautiful place we get to call home.

This is the view south of the dam looking towards Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois

I brought my favorite “backpacking” rod/reel combo in my St. Croix four piece rod and Pflueger President spinning reel.

Chris getting rigged up.  In the distance you can see a popular fly fishing spot near the island.  At the forefront is the pedestrian/bike bridge and to the side is the river walk also viewable in the pictures above.

And that my friends is a glimpse of some of the lovely scenery along the Fox River in Saint Charles, Illinois!