1upUSA Heavy Duty Double Bicycle Quik Rack 2″ Hitch Carrier Review

1upUSA Heavy Duty Double Bicycle Quik Rack 2″ Hitch Carrier Review

in Cycling, Featured by Carl H. Martens

Manufacturing product in southwestern Wisconsin, roughly just ten miles north of Dubuque, IA is 1upUSA.  Calling the town of Dickeyville home, they are bringing fame to this little town.  Well known for their trainers and rollers, 1upUSA also makes some of the best bicycle racks.  The 1upUSA Heavy Duty Double Bicycle Quik Rack 2″ Hitch Carrier ($609) is just that…one of the best bicycle racks on the market.  Read on to find out why. 

Kuat Innovations ALPHA Bike Rack Review

Kuat Innovations ALPHA Bike Rack Review

in Cycling by Carl H. Martens

“Welcome to rack love.”  Those are the words you will see when you go to Kuat Innovations website.  Those are the words, that once you own a Kuat Innovations bike rack you will understand and affiliate with.  Nothing could be more true.  Kuat Innovations (pronounced Koo-at) gets its name from it’s original two founders; Luke KUschmeader and Brian ATkinson.  No surprise that creativity and ingenuity started with the company’s name!  It didn’t stop there.  How do you make a bike rack more than a bike rack?  Kuat has and that’s why they’ve coined the phrase, “welcome to rack love”.  Let us formally introduce you. 

Küat Alpha Bike Rack Review

in Cycling by Bill Lobe

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It’s pronounced “KOO-ATT”

I used to think a rack is a rack is a rack. I only cared about mobility, not caring if my bike got scratched or how easy the rack was to install, I just wanted to get to the trail. For years I’ve been tossing bikes in the back of my trusty Toyota, but as my bike wealth grew with my income (marginally), I started looking for ways to transport bikes without damaging them or scratching my truck. When my bikes started costing more than $1000 as so, so many of them do these days, I felt a nagging sense of neglect tossing them willy-nilly into the bed. I’ve tried most or all the tricks: the two-by-four with fork mounts, putting fork mounts on the side of the bed, disassembling the whole bike and squeezing it into the hatchback, roof racks, trunk racks, you name it, I gave it a shot. Right now I’m kicking myself for not trying a trailer hitch rack with my pick-up, for some reason it just didn’t make sense. I have a camper shell on the truck now and I’ve been digging rides from friends with HUGE vehicles when we go for rides, so maybe that’s why. For about a year or so, my buds have been telling me to try one of the hitch-mounted bike racks that have gotten so popular lately. I never considered buying one when I could just mooch off them. Besides, I like being able to drop my tailgate any time I want and sit idly on the back of my truck like the dumb yokel I am.

I did my time as a bike mechanic at the LBS and installed countless racks on more yuppie SUVs than any of you could ever imagine. Not my proudest moments, and I never found a rack I was really impressed with. Most were heavy, ungainly, unsteady, too big or small, or worse, horribly unattractive. I did start noticing the hitch-rack trend gaining popularity, and I feared inevitable hernia operations from lifting the beasts onto our customers like-sized vehicles. Then I lifted the Küat Alpha Rack.