in Blog by Carl H. Martens

Today was absolutely beautiful here in the tri-cities.  I spent the day fishing with my buddy Chris on the Fox River in St. Charles, IL south of main street and the dam.  We had no luck.  Nonetheless, we had a great time relaxing and marveling at the beautiful place we get to call home.

This is the view south of the dam looking towards Main Street, St. Charles, Illinois

I brought my favorite “backpacking” rod/reel combo in my St. Croix four piece rod and Pflueger President spinning reel.

Chris getting rigged up.  In the distance you can see a popular fly fishing spot near the island.  At the forefront is the pedestrian/bike bridge and to the side is the river walk also viewable in the pictures above.

And that my friends is a glimpse of some of the lovely scenery along the Fox River in Saint Charles, Illinois!