Stooge Cycles Progressive 29er is a Bike Designed for Fun

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But what else would you expect from a company named after Iggy Pop and the Stooges?

In the words of Stooge Cycles founder Andy Stevenson of Shropshire, England, to ride the Progressive 29er

“is to be transported back to simpler times in a way you certainly don’t remember. You can forget about air pressure and rebound damping, through-axles and dropper posts, and instead concentrate on railing some sweet natural singletrack on a steed that screams ‘ride me’.”

stooge cycles progressive 29er side view

What makes the Stooge Progressive 29er such a radical ride? Start with the frame, crafted from quality aircraft-grade 4130 chromoly steel.

It’s actually a hybrid 29+ because it uses a 29+ sized tire up front and a normal 29” tire in the back. Because the front is taller than the norm, the rider adopts an unweighted, rearward position while the slack 69 degree head angle and 55mm offset fork create handling that’s almost telepathic.

The frame’s unique geometry gives the bike its Progressive 29er name. Produced with an 18″ seat tube and a 23.5″ top tube, it will fit riders between 5’6″ and 6’2″. The twin top tubes are a loving nod to the Torker and Haro BMX bikes of Andy’s misspent youth.

In a world with so many choices in bike styles, Andy used a “back to basics” design approach and created his own niche in what has become quite a convoluted industry. In fact, the Progressive 29er is available in only one size. Talk about simplicity, right? But no worries, you can customize the bike for different rider heights by varying the stem length and seatpost offset.

The Progressive 29er has been enthusiastically adopted by both the bikepacking community and single speeders. It has an EBB, but it’s arguably enjoyed best as geared because it loves to go fast!

ub outdoors stooge cycles progressive 29er facebook album

The frame is available from The price is £450, postage to the USA is £65. Prices to Europe are £40.  You’ll find pointers for setting up your Stooge in Andy’s Perfect Stooge Set-Up post on the company’s website. And you can check out pics of our build on our Facebook page in the Stooge Cycles Progressive 29er album.

We’ll conduct a more in-depth review at a later date, but with a handful of rides under our belt, we’d have to say Andy has nailed it!