Sandman Bikes an Introduction

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Fat bikes have been a large trend in the bicycle industry recently. But specialists like Sandman Bikes have been tinkering about these bikes for far over ten years. Built on this experience, Sandman Bikes offers a full line-up of fat bikes to serve all preferences and needs. Now the brand is looking to expand its network of dealers globally. 

Sandman Bikes

sandman bikes logoThe history of the brand Sandman goes back all the way to 1997, when Belgian Koen Viaene needed the right equipment for an adventure trip to Alaska. Ten years later, the first Sandman fat bikes rolled out into the wild, and the line-up of this fat bike-specific brand has been expanding ever since. In 2011 Marvin Besselink Joined Sandman Bikes as product manager to setup Production in Taiwan to be more competitive and get better quality and have access to different materials then was possible before. The new line of frames has taken 3 years to develop, test, and get production started. In November 2014 Marvin bought the remaining Shares from Koen to free him up to focus on his MTB extreme travel agency El Camino Loco. Koen remains on board as a brand ambassador and is still an intricate member of the R&D team.

sandman bikes atacama drift forestFrom the entry-level Atacama – also available with 24 inch-wheels – to the titanium-framed Hoggar and Thar or the fully-suspended Indus FS models that are ready to tackle gnarly terrain or even jumps in bike parks, Sandman Bikes offers the right fat bike for every use imaginable. While the R&D work is a joint effort of specialists both in Europe and Taiwan, the aluminium and titanium frames are made in Taiwan.

sandman bikesSandman Bikes are available as frames, frame and fork kits, rolling frame kits and complete bike build kits. As for the rolling frame kits, you get the frame, the fork, a headset, the complete tubeless ready wheel set with tires and tubes and a bottom bracket with matching cranks. Thus you get all the fat-bike specific parts that are sometimes hard to come by while maintaining your freedom of choice regarding the other parts and components such as the brakes, the drivetrain and the cockpit parts. As for fat bike-specific parts, Sandman Bikes heavily relies on products from its sister company FatLab Cycles and Components. The latter has a full assortment of fat bike -and plus size-specific parts and components and is about to launch its own line-up of complete 27.5plus bikes in spring 2016.

Sandman Bikes builds its frames and forks to fit 4.8 inch wide tires mounted on 80mm wide rims and uses the 170/177 rear axle standard and proves that the wider 190/197 spacing is not always better. As for the rolling frame kits and the build kits, Sandman Bikes has opted to spec 55mm wide rims and 4.25 inch wide tires. This results in less weight and a more agile ride while still offering plenty of float and cush in most situations. Each Sandman can be had with either 55mm or 80mm rims at no upcharge so the choice is yours! And what’s’ even better: Sandman’s frames can be set up with 27.5plus and even 29plus wheels – so you effectively get three bikes in one! You are welcome to find out more about Sandman Bikes on the brand’s revamped web site:

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