in Blog by Carl H. Martens

This video footage was shot from Greg Borchert’s handlebars during day two of RAGBRAI 2011 from Atlantic, Iowa to Carroll, Iowa. Greg is a master bike builder from Grapevine, Texas (soon to be relocating to Erie, Colorado).  Greg is so fast…notice from the fourth video on there isn’t really footage of him passing anyone…that’s because he’s already passed everyone else!

Day 2 of RAGBRAI was from Atlantic, Iowa to Carroll, Iowa. A total of 65.4 miles. Today’s ride featured 4,719 feet of climb. Below are some of the towns we passed on today’s route.

Atlantic to Elk Horn – 14.7 miles
Elk Horn to Kimballton – 3.1 miles
Kimballton to Manning – 19.7 miles
Manning to Templeton – 7.7 miles
Templeton to Dedham – 7.4 miles
Dedham to Willey – 5.1 miles
Willey to Carroll – 7.7 miles