in Blog by Carl H. Martens

This video footage was shot from my handlebars during day three of RAGBRAI 2011 from Carroll, Iowa to Boone, Iowa. During the first half of today’s ride, I rode with Greg Borchert and we averaged 25 miles per hour. The second half of the ride was spent alongside my father.

The below video is of me riding with Greg. He and I will ride together on Thursday the entire ride and our goal is to beat the trucks to Grinnell, Iowa and be the first riders to reach Grinnell.

The below is my my descent down Twister Hill in Pilot Mound, Iowa. I almost wipe out as I had an unknown issue which we have diagnosed as “brake chatter”. Simply put, brake chatter occurs when the brake isn’t centered so when you apply the brake, one side of the rim rubs more than the other causing the rim to produce a wobble and resemble a flat tire. I hadn’t previously had this problem because I hadn’t had a descent in which I reached 40+ mph. There’s a bit more to the story, but I’ll write about this in another post with pictures and a more detailed explanation. Regardless, it was pretty scary. Luckily, I was able to ride it out.

The below is the 300 foot ascent of Twister Hill. This climb was a beast as you can tell by the many people walking with their bikes up. I’d also like to point out the “serious looking cyclist” who is out of his saddle for more power pedaling while I stay seated and overtake him well before the peak. I try to always ride without coming out of my saddle…sort of an ego I have I guess.

Day 3 of RAGBRAI was from Carroll, Iowa to Boone, Iowa. A total of 70.9 miles. Today’s ride featured 1,787 feet of climb with a 300 foot descent and ascent on Twister Hill in Pilot Mound, Iowa. Below are some of the towns we passed on today’s route.

Carroll to Lidderdale – 9.9 miles
Lidderdale to Lanesboro – 8.9 miles
Lanesboro to Churdan – 13.4
Churdan to Paton – 12.3 miles
Paton to Pilot Mound – 12.5 miles
Pilot Mound to Boone 13.9 miles