in Blog by Carl H. Martens

This footage was recorded on July 24, 2011, the first day of RAGBRAI.  Footage captured around 6am.  The bike I’m riding was custom built…even the wheels by Greg Borchert two days prior to the start of RAGBRAI.  Due to the weather, I was unable to take the new road bike for a test ride.  What you are viewing is my first ride on this bike.  Everything was foreign to me.  I even opted to try different clipless pedals and went with Crank Brothers Egg Beaters pedals instead of the Shimano SPDs that I’m use to.  Riding along with me is the master bike builder himself, Greg Borchert.  I didn’t proof the dialogue, but I don’t recall anything too horrific.  In summary, “the bike flies”.

My morning highlight was eating a Beef Brisket Sandwich during our pass through at Carson at 8:30am.  Now that’s a breakfast for a champion!

It was a rough day of riding with many, many hills…

Day 1 of RAGBRAI was from Glenwood, Iowa to Atlantic, Iowa.  A total of 59.5 miles.  Today’s ride featured 4,298 feet of climb.  Below are some of the towns we passed on today’s route.

Glenwood to Silver City – 9.0 miles
Silver City to Carson – 19.9 miles
Carson to Griswold – 15.0 miles
Griswold to Lewis – 7.5 miles
Lewis to Atlantic – 8.1 miles