Bike Repair Stands: How to Buy One You Can Live With

in Cycling by Carl H. Martens

A lot of bike enthusiasts are learning that a solid bike repair stand, some good-quality tools and a little know-how quickly pay for themselves by eliminating maintenance and basic repairs at the shop. If you’re thinking about joining those ranks, here are some tips on choosing a bike repair stand that’s right for you. 

Read the reviews. There are plenty of them out there. The problem is, most of them are overwhelmingly positive, which begs the question, “Which one’s the best?” In this case, look for a rating of at least 99%. If that sounds impossibly high, it’s not. You’ll find a number of very highly-rated bike repair stands to choose from, many at a very reasonable price.

feedback-sports-pro-classic-repair-stand-50park tool single arm professional bike stand PRS-3.2-1Think “rock-solid.” Don’t settle for any bike repair stand that’s not 100% stable and functional. That’s why you need to look for those 99-100% ratings. You don’t want to cut corners here, especially if you have a large mountain bike. One thing to look for is a wide tripod base, which will keep your stand stable in your garage or out on the trail, if necessary.

Get what you need. You’ll find different stands for different needs, all with tons of features and specs that probably won’t mean a thing to you. Don’t get hung up on details. Ask yourself what you need it for and go from there. For instance, if you have a racing bike, get a lightweight, portable stand. Planning to keep your repairs closer to home? Find a good, sturdy stand that you can fold up and put away when you’re done with it. If you’re really serious about repairs, go with a heavy-duty, stationary model.

park tool bench mount bike repair stand PRS-7-1Don’t be cheap. You’ve made an investment in your bike, so don’t skimp on the stand. You can buy a super-cheap, bargain-priced model, but you’ll be sorry, especially in the long run. Others can cost twice or three times as much, but you won’t get what you pay for. If you concentrate on models in the mid-price range, you’ll get a really solid, stable, functional bike repair stand that will serve you and your bike well for a long time.