Berkley Gulp! Sinking Minnow Review

in Featured, Fishing & Hunting by Don Martens

I’ll admit it. I’m a fair weather fisherman. I’m not the kind of guy to spend early morning or long hours in the boat. I don’t match up to the serious guys, but…I do like to fish. I give credit to the serious fisherman…if you invest the time you’ll learn and get success…they deserve the results. I often listen to fishing advice and like most, have far more lures than I need or ever use.  

berkley gulp sinking minnowFor once though, it’s me who can speak with experience and make a recommendation. I got turned on to the “Gulp!” bait by Berkley. I’ve been using these baits for the past three years and testify that they are fun to throw and drum up regular action. Specifically, I use the 4” Sinking Minnow in a Pumpkinseed color. This color seems to disappear off the store racks and when I find them, I’ll buy them to stock my tackle-box. I marry the bait up with a 1/0 Gamakatsu offset shank worm. I do not use weight.

I said that this bait is fun to throw. It sinks very slowly and responds to the slightest twitch of the pole tip. It is fun to try to simulate the movement of a struggling minnow. Bass love it! When you bury the hook barb in the body of the worm, it is virtually weedless. I throw into lily pads with confidence…land it on a pad and often as I pull it off, I get slammed!

berkley sinking minnow hooking bass

Just this past weekend I invited my son to join me with some friends as we fished a small pond in northern Illinois. My son hasn’t fished in quite awhile and was bemoaning how fishing had become boring to him…he said he had no luck. I fixed him up with my bait and sure enough…even my “unlucky fisherman of a son” had a fun and productive morning with the smallies.

I’m not a fishing pro and I know I don’t write with the authority…but for a regular guy like me…this is the bait. All I need is my pole, and a pack of baits and hooks in my pocket…traveling light and easy.

A great bait to work ponds with weed or work shorelines and docks from a boat.